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Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Tiki Taxi.

If you have a question that isn't listed on this page, feel free to
email us.

  • Where does Tiki Taxi go?
    Tiki Taxi takes passengers to and from our dock at Spadina and Queens Quay to Hanlan's Point and Centre Island. Our Destinations page has more information about all our locations, including detailed maps for each dock.
  • What days are you open?
    Tiki Taxi is open seven days a week. Current hours of operation can be found on our homepage.
  • What are your hours?
    Tiki Taxi is currently operating from 10:00am to 9:00pm during the week (Monday to Friday) and 9:00am to 10:00pm on weekends (Saturday & Sunday). Hours of Operation are weather dependant. Please call us to ensure we are operational on rainy days.
  • How much does Tiki Taxi cost?
    A Tiki Taxi fare is $13 per person, one-way. Children under two years old ride for free. In most cases, bikes, strollers, and pets also ride for free. Tiki Taxi also offers a 10-Ride Pass, which gives you ten one-way rides with Tiki Taxi for $90. Passes can be purchased at our Spadina dock during regular business hours. We accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards as forms of payment. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also offered as contactless payment methods. More information on pricing can be found here.
  • Can I bring my bike, stroller, dog, etc...?
    Yes you can! Typically, we do not charge for any of these items, as long as it's within reason (standard size). Excessive baggage may result in an additional charge if it results in a delay to our service. As a general rule, if you can carry or push it yourself, or if it walks on it's own (excluding humans), no charge will be applied.
  • Do you have life jackets?
    Each Tiki Taxi has enough Transport Canada / Canadian Coast Guard approved life jackets for every person onboard, both adult and child sizes. Due to the size and design of our boats, we do not require passengers to wear a life jacket while underway. However, we are happy to provide them to you upon request. Prior to boarding, let our staff know you'd like to have one, and we are more than happy to give them to you for your voyage. If you have any questions about life jackets or anything else regarding safety and emergency procedures with Tiki Taxi, please email us.
  • Do I need to book a Tiki Taxi in advance?
    We operate on a first-come first served basis. No need to book in advance!
  • Do you have a departure schedule?
    Tiki Taxi operates direct, on-demand service between Spadina & Queens Quay, Hanlan's Point, and Centre Island. We do not have a set departure schedule. Instead, a boat will take you where you need to go, when you're ready to go there!
  • Can I reserve a seat on the weekend?
    Unfortunately, we don't take reservations for water taxi services. Tiki Taxi operates exclusively on a first-come, first served basis on weekends.
  • I'm planning an event on the Toronto Islands. Can I book a Tiki Taxi?
    This is something that we might be able to do for you. Please email us, including as much information as you can about the event. This will allow us to provide the most accurate quote for your proposal. Examples of what to include in your email: • Day of your event. • Time of departure. • What is the event? • Where would you like to go on the Islands? (ie. Centre Island, Hanlan's Point, Olympic Island, etc...) • How many people will be travelling to the Islands? • Do you need a return trip? If so, at what time? • Any additional details about the event that may be important for your booking. Our booking team will respond to let you know if Tiki Taxi is able to be your transportation provider, along with a quote if it is.
  • How many people can fit on a Tiki Taxi?
    Our boats are limited to a maximum capacity of twelve (12) passengers each, as per Transport Canada regulations.
  • I missed my cruise boat, can you take me to it?
    We're sorry you missed your boat. Tiki Taxi does not provide transfers to any commercial vessels or pleasure craft. There are other water taxi companies who might be able to assist you with this request.
  • How many boats do you have?
    Our current fleet consists of twelve Tiki Taxis, each designed and built in-house by our team.
  • I lost something on a Tiki Taxi. Do you have it?
    We might, but no guarantees. If you think you may have left something on our boats, we might have it. Email us with as much information you can about your item, including (but not limited to): • Description of your lost item. (What is it? Colour, size, distinguishing features, etc...) • When did you take a Tiki Taxi with it? (Day, approximate time, etc...) • Any information about the boat you were on. Colour of boat, description of captain, where were you sitting, etc...) • Any additional information that may help us find your belongings. Please note: Tiki Taxi is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items on our boats.
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